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Building & Safety

Building Faqs & Tips

A permit is needed for all new construction. In many cases, a permit is needed for repair or replacement of existing fixtures, such as replacing windows. A plumbing, electrical or mechanical permit is needed for any addition or changes to a building’s existing system; for example, moving or adding an electrical outlet requires a permit. Some projects can be handled with over-the-counter permits that can often be handled in one quick trip to the Citys's Planning Division.

Projects that usually require plans and permits are the following:

  • Building ImagesAll new construction
  • Patio enclosures
  • New door or window openings
  • New or replacement mechanical units
  • Reroofing
  • Moving interior walls
  • Pools or spas
  • Carports
  • Re-framing
  • Room additions
  • Patios or decks
  • Building ImagesStorage sheds
  • Fireplace
  • Retaining walls over 3’ tall
  • Adding or altering electrical
  • Adding or altering plumbing
  • Foundation repairs
  • Replacing a water heater
  • Adding a permanently wired light fixture
  • Platforms & decks

Not all types of building and construction require permits in the City of Riverside.   A construction permit is not needed for items such as:

  • Building ImagesWallpapering, painting or similar finish work
  • Fences six feet high or lower
  • Single-story detached storage sheds or play houses less than 120 square feet in floor area
  • Retaining walls less than 3 feet tall
  • Prefabricated above-ground swimming pools with a capacity of less than 5,000 gallons (please be aware that all swimming pools and spas must comply with the California Swimming Pool Safety Act, which requires child protective barriers--see Pool Barrier Requirements for more information)
  • For plumbing, mechanical and electrical work, replacement or repair of fixtures (such as changing water faucets or replacing switches)

Remember, just because your project doesn’t need a construction permit doesn’t mean it may not need some other kind of City review. We suggest you call us at (951) 826-5697 any time you expand your business. However, reviews may be required from other agencies; be sure to check before building.

Not sure?  Give us a call at 951-826-5697!



Building FAQs & Tips
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