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Mike Soubirous - Ward 3 Ward 3 Ward 3 Councilmember Soubirous welcomes your ideas and input regarding issues facing the Ward 3 of the City of Riverside. You can reach him at his personal cell phone (951) 515-1663 or at (951) 826-5991 or E-Mail him at
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Welcome Greeting

Welcome to the Ward 3 Councilmember page. I look forward to serving you!

Whether you reside, work, own a business or wish to invest in Riverside, I’m here to advocate for you. Together we can build a better Riverside!

Call me on my personal cell phone at (951) 515-1663.

Connect with me on my Facebook page:

I invite you to sign up for Ward 3’s electronic newsletter to get the latest Ward information and to plug into your community.


Mike Soubirous

In the interest of openness and transparency, and to better understand the rules followed by our Council & Mayor, I have provided these quick links:

Our City's Charter
Our City's Rules of Procedure and Order of Business
Our City's Ethics Policy


Mike Soubirous (pronounced like the car - Subaru) was first elected to serve as Ward 3’s City Councilmember in November 2013. Mike was re-elected in June, 2015 and is serving his second term.

Mike is a fourth-generation native Californian who started his community service at age 8, by serving his church, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and the Civil Air Patrol. Mike attained the rank of Eagle Scout in 1976. Mike joined the California Highway Patrol in 1982.

Mike, his wife Linda and their two daughters, reside in Riverside's Ward 3. Mike is president and owner of a local small business providing traffic consulting services. Mike’s wife Linda has served on the City’s Community Police Review Commission (CPRC) and been an active part of community and national service organizations. Both of his daughters have volunteered countless hours of community service. Mike and his family believe in serving others, thus helping to build a better more inclusive City.

Mike retired from the California Highway Patrol as a Lieutenant and acting Commander. Mike was assigned to the CHP’s Riverside, San Bernardino, San Gorgonio Pass, South Los Angeles and Central Los Angeles Area offices during his 29 years of service.

Mike held several key positions and posts during his nearly three-decade service with the CHP. He was assigned to motorcycle patrol (18-1/2 years), investigated officer-involved shootings, served as a training officer, served as an instructor at the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Academy (7 years), instructed at the SBVC Extended Police Academy, and prior to retirement, served as the Commander of the San Gorgonio Pass Area CHP office. Mike was honored in 2012 with Western Riverside County's Law Enforcement Appreciation Committee (LEAC) award for Lifetime Achievement in Law Enforcement.

Mike also developed the concept for the popular Press Enterprise "On The Road" weekly newspaper column, which answers traffic law and driver safety questions. Mike still contributes to that column, and other nationally recognized driving safety related publications and articles.

As a member of the CHP, Mike worked closely with state and county transportation officials in order to promote design changes to our county's worst roads in order to reduce traffic collisions. As a Councilmember, he has brought along his transportation experience and has lobbied for signal light modifications, improved roadway signage and other improvements. His efforts help make our local roads and highways safer, more efficient, and reduce traffic wait times at intersections with severe traffic congestion.

Your Councilmember

During his campaign for public office, Mike walked every street in Ward 3 (twice) in order to connect with residents and to get to know each neighborhood. Upon assuming office, Mike hit the ground running. He jumped right in and fulfilled his promise to promote an open, transparent and accessible government to all residents, business owners and visitors.

During Mike’s first year in office, he was instrumental in selecting a new city manager and new city attorney. This resulted in sweeping changes to City Hall. The new executive management team hired three new assistant city managers and changed out over 8 department heads. Deep dive performance and money audits were initiated, and many policies and procedures were changed for the better. A sunshine Ordinance was adopted by council at the urging of our new management team. All Riversiders have greatly benefitted as a result of these changes.

Mike does not shy away from controversial topics, nor does he hesitate to take a stand on issues. He has fought to bring the people’s voice to City Hall. Mike is very active on social media and does all he can to inform all residents and encourage them to get involved in their local government. Mike will continue to hold staff accountable to the people – especially the spending of tax dollars and quality of work provided by City employees. Mike’s business philosophy is this: “We need to stop being regulators and start being facilitators.” Mike knows that our businesses drive our economy, provides jobs, services, goods and a revenue stream needed for quality of life needs in Riverside.

Mike works for the people of Riverside. He knows the people are his boss. There’s much more work to be done and Mike looks forward to serving the people of Riverside and those living, working and investing in Ward 3.

Committed to Community Service

  • Riverside County Peace Officers Memorial Foundation (RCPOMF) - President
  • Living Shield Ministries - Former Vice-President
  • Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) - Volunteer
  • Keep Riverside Clean & Beautiful - Volunteer
  • Inland Empire Hispanic Leadership Council - Supporter
  • Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - Member
  • Friends of the Riverside Library - Member
  • Magnolia Area Neighborhood Alliance (M.A.N.A.) - Member
  • Model Deaf Community - Member
  • Old Riverside Foundation - Member
  • Riverside Land Conservancy - Member
  • RUSD Superintendent's Advisory Council - Member
  • Victoria Avenue Forever - Member

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As your Ward 3 Councilmember, I have:

  • Walked every street and neighborhood in Ward 3.
  • Worked tirelessly to help build a better Riverside.
  • Demonstrated public service – not self-service.
  • Fulfilled my promise to work for the people of Riverside – not City Hall or the status quo.
  • Kept my promise to bring openness and transparency to City Hall.
  • Helped kick-start the “Riverside Revolution” – bringing the people’s voice and oversight back to City Hall.
  • Brought focused accountability to City Hall. Helped select a completely new city executive management team – resulting in the “Riverside Reformation.”
  • Helped Council, Mayor and city staff better understand their roles and responsibilities as stated in our City’s Charter.
  • Helped steer council back to strictly following our City’s Charter and Council’s “Rules of Procedure and Order of Business” ordinance.
  • Proposed placing general public comment time near the beginning of all council meetings for better public access.
  • Proposed allowing submission of public comment speaker cards until after the last speaker is finished thereby providing every opportunity for the public to comment.
  • Advocated/defended Council's "right" to place council agenda items on the council’s agenda.
  • Proposed Council “comments/announcements” time at start of all council meetings.
  • Proposed installation of an "overhead projector" at council meetings to assist public commenter’s ability to communicate with council.
  • Supported a complete overhaul of our city’s broken Ethics Code.
  • Proposed the "Livability Action Plan" to combat aggressive panhandling and criminally illegal activity by our city’s homeless population.
  • Suggested a citywide "Silver Alert" identification program for those potential walk-away residents with Alzheimer’s – adopted as the "Get Home Safe” program.”
  • Proposed identifying private and public owned Wi-Fi "hotspots" and placement of this information on the City’s website, and place one city-owned hotspot at the Casa Blanca Library, and a second at City Hall, thereby speeding the discontinuance of the costly and outdated city-wide Wi-Fi program.
  • Proposed the city-owned tree plan be fully followed, and properly funded to better manage our city trees, thereby reducing growing infrastructure damage and costs.
  • Proposed user-friendly changes to the city’s street sweeping policy.
  • Suggested the installation of a traffic signal light at Central & Rumsey/Laramie – resulting in less backed up traffic and decreased traffic collisions.
  • Suggested the installation of a traffic signal light at Royal Hill and Alessandro.
  • Proposed eliminating the turf at the Janet Goeske Center and the installation of a “Turf Conversion and Demonstration Garden.”
  • Advocated for business owners who were being illegally targeted by fraudulent “ADA inspectors.” Referred victims to District Attorney and RPD.
  • Proposed dismantling and eliminating the red light camera citation program.
  • Proposed a "concierge" program for City’s Planning Department.
  • Proposed the city "Cut The Red Tape" & "Roll Out The Red Carpet" plan for City's Planning Department.
  • Proposed the City adopt the philosophy of moving our Planning Department and Building & Safety model from being regulators to facilitators.
  • Proposed the City "Adopt-An-Underpass" program and find service groups to take over responsibility of our City's underpasses (along the 91 freeway corridor), such as lighting, keeping sidewalks clean, pigeon nest deterrent, and painting/artwork along wall (bridge abutment) sides.
  • Proposed the installation of dog parks at Don Jones Park and Andulka Park.
  • Proposed that residents make their concerns known at a forum with Council's hired outside financial auditors present - in order to obtain resident concern and focus on sewer, water and electric fund transactions, and our sewer/water/electric funds - specific to inter-fund loans, transfers and movements of assets related to these funds.
  • Fought for approval of additional non-emergency ambulance providers - opening the door to competition and eliminating a 35-year monopoly.
  • Proposed modification of traffic signal lights/timing changes at SR-91 at Tyler to increase traffic flows and safety.
  • Proposed a review/investigation of outside attorney contracts engaged by our former City Attorney.
  • Supported sweeping changes to hiring outside legal services.
  • Suggested a city employee complaint/praise program/policy.
  • Suggested customer friendly upgrades to our city’s 3-1-1 program.
  • Suggested a revised merit award program for ideas that result in money savings to city by our employees.
  • Suggested use or deployment of Public Access Defibrillators at City Hall (one on each floor) & Council Chamber.
  • Suggested the City purchase a higher percentage of marked (black & white) patrol cars than unmarked patrol cars for increased police visibility.
  • Supported the Sunshine Ordinance (12 day posting of the Council Agenda).
  • Developed and proposed the Responsible Spending Vision Plan (RSVP).
  • Support paying down our city’s high debt load. Proposed raising our City’s General Fund Reserve from 15% to 20%.
  • Served as Chairman of council’s Public Safety Committee.
  • Served as Chairman of council’s Finance Committee.
  • Suggested enhanced and detailed reporting of city’s finances and fiscal policies to be reported regularly to Finance Committee.
  • Suggested customer service oriented changes to our City’s Risk Management Department.
  • Suggested customer friendly changes to our City’s Code Enforcement Department.
  • Suggested user friendly and transparency oriented changes to RPU.
  • Suggested RPU water and electric rates be tied to a specific cost index to provide for gradual rate increases instead of huge stair stepping increases.
  • Suggested RPU discontinue its water tier rate billing and return to a budget based water billing.
  • Strongly support making our City’s Downtown a destination place.
  • Proposed and supported our City’s new Strategic Plan based on a customer service/customer friendly model.
  • Opposed the 2014 sewer rate increase.
  • Opposed increasing downtown parking meter rates.
  • Proposed eliminating downtown parking meters.
  • Proposed changes to City's barking dog ordinance to shift from resident filing complaint against neighbor to Animal Control officer taking action.
  • Proposed RPU stop steep stair-step rate increases and instead follow a gradual utility cost "index."
  • Proposed a Commission on Homelessness.
  • Proposed the City develop an all encompassing stand-alone website on homelessness.
  • Opposed the trolley.
  • Served my first term without pay as promised.

Vision & Goals

  • Promote openness, transparency and inclusive access to our City government.
  • Responsive and accessible to all constituents, residents, business owners and visitors.
  • Continually seek ways to reduce unnecessary city spending.
  • Eliminate redundant or duplicative processes or unneeded employee positions that waste tax dollars.
  • Prioritize road repair and repaving needs.
  • Tackle curb, gutter and sidewalk repair.
  • Promote local job growth - encourage businesses to locate in Riverside. Remove barriers to businesses.
  • Promote a "can-do" customer service attitude among City employees.
  • Help move our city’s focus from regulators to facilitators.
  • Represent our City in a professional manner at all times.
  • Repair/rebuild our City’s crumbling infrastructure.
  • Help make our City the best it can be for our residents, business owners, investors and visitors.
  • Always challenge the philosophy that claims, “we’ve always done it this way.”
  • Always remember the councilmember works for the people – not the other way around.
  • Never stop innovating.
  • Never stop advocating for the people of Riverside!

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Boards, Committees, Commissions

City Council

Regional Organizations/Committees

  • Member of Regional Advisory Committee for Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Member of Riverside County Community Action Commission
  • Member of Riverside Model Deaf Community Committee
  • Alternate of Riverside County Solid Waste Management Advisory Council
  • Alternate of Riverside Neighborhood Partnership

Agendas Minutes
Elections Reports

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Korey Gunter


Council Assistant for Ward 3 - Korey Gunter

Korey has lived in Riverside since 2004. He has gone through the RUSD program, starting with George Washington Elementary, followed by Matthew Gage Middle School, and eventually attending both Riverside Poly High School and Woodcrest Christian School. He graduated from the CSUSB Jack H. Brown School of Business, with honors, “cum laude” status, and in the top 5% of his class. Korey has worked as an automotive technician for many years, specifically servicing tire and wheel assemblies in Ward 3. He enjoys basketball, video games, and spending time tinkering with cars. Korey is committed to serving the people of Riverside, especially those that reside in Ward 3. You can contact Korey by phone at (801)712-7702 or by email at

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