City Engineering

City Engineering

Public Works Engineering

Public Works Engineering designs infrastructure elements for transportation, parking, sewer and storm drain facilities. The Engineering Division also protects private and public improvements from flood damage.

Construction Projects such as road improvements and repairs, water and sewer line repairs and replacement, wheelchair ramp installation, gutter and curb maintenance, and renovation or maintenance for city buildings.

Floodplain Management A floodplain is the area near water, such as a river, stream, creek, lake, etc. that may become flooded during or after a large storm.

Freeway Interchanges As a region grows, it may become necessary to replace existing freeway overcrossings and railroad overpasses to accommodate increased traffic flow.

Railroad Grade Separations eliminate traffic congestion issues and public safety concerns by redirecting vehicle and pedestrian traffic above or below busy railroad tracks through the use of overpasses and underpasses.

Survey Crews determine elevations and distances, as established by historic and new benchmarks.

Land Development Civil engineers in the Land Development section of Public Works are ready to assist anyone who is developing or redeveloping their property within the City.

Public Works Drawings, Forms, Handouts, Surveys, Land Records and Plans This vast collection of documents is available HERE.

  • construction projects
  • floodplain management
  • freeway interchanges
  • railroad grade separations
  • survey crews
  • land development
  • standard drawings and forms

Administrative and technical support services are also provided for:

  • City street, sewer and storm drain projects
  • Off-site improvements installed by private developers
  • Transportation funds, claims and grant administration
  • City-wide survey and right-of-ways
  • Assessment districts
  • Public works facilities
  • Rail projects
  • Interchange projects

Did You Know?

You can now schedule, cancel and reschedule inspections for all Public Works Construction, Street Opening or Grade Permits online.

Click Here for more information.

Master Plans
Construction Projects
Construction Projects
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